Vulog releases new AI-powered product: AiMA+



Frog portfolio company Vulog – the global leader in shared mobility technologies – is taking shared mobility technology another step further through the launch of their newest AI-powered product, AiMA+.

According to Vulog, AiMA+ gives its customers an extra layer of predictive intelligence by powering their pricing strategies as well as fleet operations. “Based on our 15 years of experience in aggregating and analyzing mobility data, our complex algorithm, based on machine learning, mines both your historical data and external factors in real-time,” said Vulog in a blog post.

AiMA+ powers two modules: Smart Pricing and Smart Ops. Smart Pricing automatically and instantly adapts your pricing policy based on the predicted idle time of your vehicles. Meanwhile, Smart Ops creates and dispatches repositioning tasks automatically to your field agents based on the predicted idle time of your vehicles. Besides those, AiMA+ decreases operational costs while improving your service level.

Olia Michou, Product Director at Vulog, commented through a LinkedIn post: “I am very excited to announce with you all Vulog’s brand new AiMA+! This is an astounding achievement for Vulog and the team, and I am proud to see how far we have come with our impressive #mobilitytechnology and #datascience. We have all worked rigorously to enhance the AiMA we all know and love even more with innovative add-on features! Congratulations to Vulog and its continuous success; it is only upwards from here!”

To learn more about Vulog’s AiMA+, download the brochure here

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