Vulog Product Leader nominated for Women in Tech award

5th August 2019 by Frog

Vulog Product Leader, Olia Michou, is in the running for Women in Tech’s, ‘Trophees for Women in Tech Sud’ award. The award highlights women working in the tech industry in the South of France. Olia defines her career in three major moments: As an undergraduate student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, mentoring younger students at the university’s leading software engineering lab; working as SCRUM master at Amadeus; and joining Vulog as Product Leader.

Olia believes that contests like this are a great way to shed light on the work major female players are contributing to the scientific community. She also said, “Women are drastically under-represented in the science and technology fields. By not tapping into half of the human population, the scientific community is not reaching its full potential.”

Visibility was highlighted by Olia as a key to promoting the inclusion of more women in the field and to break down the psychological barrier people have towards women in STEM fields. She also commented, “Less exposure means less interest, and this means fewer opportunities. Girls also need to be taught early on that they can play several roles as an adult: a mother and a scientist and that these roles are not mutually exclusive.”

You can read Olia’s full answers here. The award winners will be announced in September.


Article by Frog

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