Vulog partners with UNESCO to promote inclusive urban development



Frog portfolio company Vulog—the global leader in shared-mobility technologies—has recently partnered with UNESCO for a unique project that aims to promote inclusivity across smart cities and industries. 

The “Smart and Inclusive Cities Tool,” proposed by Vulog and UNESCO’s International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (ICCAR) addresses gender discrimination and inequity through studying the effect of new urban mobility technologies and highlighting best practices to build awareness and strengthen cities’ capacities in creating smart and inclusive ecosystems.

Vulog seeks to achieve its goal of building inclusive smart cities by working hand-in-hand with city leaders and organisers. “In light of Vulog and UNESCO’s shared commitment to gender equality, the collaborative ‘Smart and Inclusive Cities’ project will give special attention to women who, according to studies, suffer from a higher degree of gender inequality compared to their male counterparts, especially regarding safety.”

Vulog CEO Gregory Ducongé commented: “Our choice of transportation and personal mobility affects not just the air we breathe—it also affects how and where we are able to move, a decision which often has a disproportionately impact on marginalised groups. By integrating connected mobility technologies into its transportation infrastructure, a city increases not just its degree of sustainability, but also inclusivity. Vulog shares UNESCO’s vision of global solidarity to promote inclusive urban development, which is why we are honoured to be partnering to deliver a concrete tool that will help cities worldwide tackle two major issues affecting the wellbeing of city-dwellers today—pollution and inequality.”

Additionally, Gabriela Ramos, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences, said: “We want to strengthen the resources that we are providing to support the design and implementation of policies to fight racism and discrimination at all levels, across all issues, both inside and outside of governments…such action requires a whole-of-society approach in order to be transformative.”

Read the full article here. For more information on the Smart and Inclusive Cities Tool, check out UNESCO’s website here.

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