sofatutor’s guide to effective learning techniques

13th August 2019 by Frog

Sofatutor has provided a guide to the most effective learning methods to ensure that students get the best results when studying. The techniques come from extensive research into different scientific studies and follow the formula, learning success = learning time x intensity of learning.

Before you start learning, they suggest testing prior knowledge to prepare the students for tests and to kick start the learning process. Multitasking is considered detrimental to the learning process and hinders concentration levels. Sofatutor employee, Lena G, said, “Every time the learning process is interrupted by a distraction, the brain has to change. This leads to reduced learning performance and faster fatigue.”

Two more tips include listening to music and playing sports. Music is considered a positive influence as most students are auditory learners and will benefit from the musical stimulation, and physical activity before and after learning has had positive effects on a person’s ability to learn.

Read the rest of Sofatutor’s article for more tips and tricks to improving your learning methods.


Article by Frog

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