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Frog portfolio company sofatutor, a Berlin-based digital education platform, welcomes February with great news as they partner with leading tutoring provider Studienkreis and provide all Studienkreis branches with sofatutor access.

Both companies are equipping more than 1,000 tutoring schools with sofatutor licenses. Tutoring teachers and students will have access to sofatutor’s learning videos, digital exercises, worksheets for all grades and subjects, as well as homework chat.

Additionally, students can access sofatutor’s digital content from home without additional costs for this service. This partnership is especially beneficial for students now that the learning landscape has dynamically evolved since the Coronavirus started, allowing for a big shift to digital learning.

Andreas Durth, CMO and CDO of Studienkreis, commented on the partnership’s great potential: “On the one hand, we rely on the tried-and-tested strategy of offering tutoring in small groups or individual lessons on site. On the other hand, we are the pioneer of digital tutoring with our online tutoring, immediate homework help and online learning library.”

“In order to be able to support our tutoring students even better, we are now working with sofatutor and thus taking our lessons to a completely new level. We are thus underlining our position as a digital pioneer in the tutoring industry. Because nobody else offers such a holistic educational program for every subject and every learning situation,” Durth said.

Founder and managing director of sofatutor Stephan Bayer said, “We have been making learning media with love, humor and professional didactics for over ten years. With our offer, the study group can curate the content of its tutoring lessons even better and thus achieve optimal learning results.” 

“We’re not replacing face-to-face tutoring. Rather, we see each other as the perfect complement. This is precisely why our cooperation is a bang for the industry.”

Visit sofatutor’s Linkedin page for more updates.

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