Opensignal’s global report on smartphone device types affect mobile network experience



Opensignal have released an industry report about how smartphones affect mobile network capabilities, adding to their extensive library of analysis on data they have collected. The report finds that just like differences in camera quality and screen sizes, smartphones vastly differ on network capabilities.

Opensignal VP Analysis, Ian Fogg, says, “Instead of relying on the technology claims of smartphone makers, component suppliers or mobile operators, Opensignal has for the first time quantified the experience of users with different kinds of smartphones in 73 countries globally. This analysis highlights the degree to which high-end smartphone users experience a faster mobile connection than those users with mid-range or low-tier smartphone models.”

Some of the key findings in the report were:

  • Samsung users experience faster download speeds than Apple and Huawei in 35% of countries across 40 countries surveyed.
  • Samsung users experienced faster download speeds than iPhone users in the U.S.
  • Apple users had the biggest edge over Samsung and Huawei users in U.A.E. and Taiwan.

Not all smartphones are created equally – High-tier models include more network technologies; are more sensitive to mobile network improvements; and are a leading indicator of what the mobile network experience will be in the future.

You can read Opensignal’s full analysis here.

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