McMakler publishes their guide to selling a property

16th August 2019 by Frog

McMakler has released a series of guides to purchasing a property with handy tips for buyers to read. These checklists include advice on topics like the latest on energy certificates, calculating home sale taxes, and improving the worth of your property.

Providing these fact sheets and op-eds is a real outlier within the traditional real estate industry, which predominantly focuses on branding individual salespersons and their records of sales.

This goes to understanding why McMakler is now one of the fastest-growing real estate brokering platforms in Germany. They focus on providing up to date tech and information to help people get the most out of their market purchases, whilst moving away from the dated real estate industry concept of focusing on sales and personal branding only.

You can read their series of guides in full here.


Article by Frog

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