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Frog portfolio company EDITED is the world leader of real-time data for apparel retailers worldwide. Using more than 27 billion of data points, with millions more added daily, EDITED helps leading brands like Topshop, Gap, and Saks Fifth Avenue make faster, more efficient trading decisions by constructing an in-depth view of the real state of their markets.

Following the recent announcement of this year’s A. M. Turing Award winners as being three pioneers of AI, Rosie Hood, one of EDITED’s Data Scientists, recently penned an article giving advice on how modern companies can become AI-driven.

Rosie starts by highlighting that harnessing data is crucial to the success of AI. She suggests first scoping what data your company needs, whether this is customer-focused and/or product-related, including considerations around the ethics behind it.

Rosie says, “At EDITED we make use of both as product data drives our company and user data gives us insights on our customers. We use crawlers and AI to harvest commercial data provided by the online apparel industry and convert this into something tangible for the user. This creates the single biggest source of real-time retail data in the world. We are then able to understand the success of our features through user interaction and make our own data-driven decisions on new features.”

Rosie also expands on how to deliver actionable data insights at scale, and her thoughts on how an experimental culture and consistent upskilling of the workforce need to become the standard in order for the potential of AI to be realised.

You can read Rosie Hood’s insights in more depth in her article.

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