Azimo launch nationwide ad campaign celebrating Amazing Migrants



Frog portfolio company Azimo – a world leader in online and smartphone-based money transfers – have launched a new nationwide ad campaign celebrating the hard work, resilience and spirit of migrants. According to Azimo’s CEO Richard Ambrose, most of their customers are migrants, so it was a good time to launch the campaign to counteract the current negative headlines in the tabloids aimed at demonising migrants to the UK. In Azimo’s announcement, the company proudly states:

When we think of migrants, we see providers.

We see entrepreneurs.

We see hard-working heroes who do whatever it takes to support they people they love.

We see our customers.

This new campaign connects to Azimo’s wider purpose to make a positive social impact as an organisation, including their work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals of financial inclusion and inequality reduction. The UN is working to reduce the rate for remittances down to 3% as part of its sustainable development goals, and digital remittance companies such as Azimo play a significant role in this. By using technology to cut out parts of the traditional remittance chain and automate the process, Azimo can offer a significantly lower cost base to their customers. Azimo is one of the founding groups of the International Day of Family Remittances.

You can see Richard’s original announcement post, with its fantastic response, on LinkedIn here.

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