Zahra Ozkan

Dominic Rodgers
Head of marketing

Zahra Ozkan

EA & Office Manager

Post secondary school, I took an unconventional path, flew to the USA and worked as an Activity Coordinator at Easterseals, Washington State, a non-profit organisation offering an array of services to help children and teens with disabilities address life’s challenges. Whilst this might have been a huge culture shock at the time, it was an invaluable experience that taught me patience, understanding, self-sufficiency and most of all what real hard work looks like.

Since then I have embarked on culturally enriching experiences, from doing a solo trip across Asia, to spending a year living in the Netherlands with a Dutch family, teaching their children English, and of course picking up some rusty Dutch along the way myself. All these experiences have enabled me to build upon my communication and flexibility skills, things that are imperative in the ever-changing environment we are in today.

I have had the pleasure of applying these acquired skills within a business capacity in the support roles I have worked including a construction consultancy, government and an industrial relations tribunal both in the UK and Australia. My most recent role prior to joining Frog was working as a Marketing/Bid Assistant for a global engineering consultancy, working in a highly reactive, deadline driven environment, which has equipped me with the ability to work under pressure.

I joined Frog in January 2020, providing integral support to the team, in addition to office management duties on a day to day basis. I am new to the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry, and I have loved learning all the elements involved, from gaining an understanding of the lifecycle of a deal to the fundraising process.