Investment status: Exited

Investment Lead: Mike Reid


What Mediatonic do

Mediatonic is a digital gaming company. It provides an end-to-end solution for brands and media companies to make significant strategic investments in social, mobile and free-to-play games. Mediatonic works in partnership with blue-chip companies in North America, Europe and Asia to design, develop and manage games with huge numbers of active players. Businesses such as Time Warner, Disney and Microsoft depend on Mediatonic’s technology, people and experience to grow global communities of game players and meet specific strategic objectives.

In May 2019, Frog’s share in Mediatonic was acquired making a 7.4x return on our original investment.


team of designers, artists and engineers


annual average growth rate


total revenues increased

Why we invested in Mediatonic

Frog saw three key underlying market trends

  1. The meteoric rise in mobile digital gaming
  2. The importance of technology in managing digital games post launch
  3. The scarcity of companies able to design and manage complex, global games

“Mediatonic has grown into one of the largest mobile games developers in Europe following Frog’s investment and support. The Frog team backed our vision and worked alongside us through the good times and the bad, helping us scale our team, product strategy and ambitions.” Dave Bailey - CEO & Co-founder, Mediatonic

Mike Reid


Mike Reid