Investment status: Exited


What DynamicAction do

DynamicAction is the world’s leading retail industry predictive analytics SAAS company, delivering Amazon-like insights from caste datasets for global players like H&M, NIKE and Victoria Secret. Formed by the ex-IBM retail analytics team in the US, DynamicAction’s analytics technology is helping drive much needed profitability across both online and offline retail activities. To confirm their leading position, Accenture works with the company as their key global retail analytics partner.

  • $19b worth of customer transactions

  • 17% increased profit per product view

Why we invested in DynamicAction

Amazon is taking the retail industry by storm. Existing retailers are searching for high powered solutions to defend themselves, and DynamicAction is proving to a key solution to the tier 1 global players. With landmark global accounts like Nike, H&M and Victoria Secret, DynamicAction’s team has shown it has to the technology that matches the highest benchmark.


John Squire – CEO, DynamicAction


Mike Reid – Senior Partner, Frog