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Joanna Ernst



Joanna Ernst

Growing Up

I grew up in the UK, but have lived in Switzerland for the past twelve years. As a country, Switzerland is incredibly innovative and a hub for entrepreneurs. It was working there with investment teams whose processes embraced disruption and entrepreneurial-led innovation that captured my interest in how I could apply my knowledge and experience to work with teams that contribute to the supporting of entrepreneurs whilst understanding the challenges they face as they look to grow sustainably for long-term impact.


I started my career with large corporations having spent over 14 years with UBS in London and Zurich where the training and knowledge-transfer were invaluable. Over the last nine years I have continued to adopt the same “think big” mentality but apply it to smaller funds and boutiques, helping to build sustainable and robust businesses.

At Frog Capital

Having over two decades of experience in raising assets for alternative and niche investments I am excited to have joined Frog as a Partner, heading up Investor Relations, where I can leverage my extensive network, and deep relationships with like-minded investors to grow the capital available to invest with these innovative companies, enabling Frog to continue to support their portfolio companies in scaling-up.

Positive Growth

I strongly believe that investing into entrepreneurial-led private companies that can transform and disrupt industries for the better is an effective way to create innovation-rich solutions that address essential societal needs. I love that Frog has been helping companies to do this with a disciplined focus on European software and a repeatable process using the Frog Scale-Up Methodology. Supporting purpose-led founders to scale-up their businesses that have a positive impact on society, providing both capital and support to exceptional entrepreneurs to help achieve extraordinary success and create lasting value.