Introducing Frog’s new strapline: The CEO’s VC

31st October 2017

By Mike Reid

Founders are well serviced, in their early days, by the disproportionate number of VCs who focus on Start-ups. It’s an exciting phase and the heady combination of huge imagined promise and raw creativity and innovation makes for a compelling narrative.

The best of these early-stage Start-ups shift several gears as their businesses quickly move into scale-up phase. This is Frog’s focus.

The CEO leadership role changes dramatically from start-up through the phases of scale-up. The requirements for good leadership for a Scale-up CEO are not the same as they are for the CEO of a Start-up. At Frog, we have an in-depth understanding of the difference, and on how to help a CEO make the transition from one to the other. More here.

Every very successful business has a high performing CEO. Many of these are founders who have transitioned to being CEO, whilst others are incoming CEOs joining founder teams. In both instances, they look for the support of people who have seen it all before and can offer valuable insight on everything from high level recruitment to corporate governance and customer acquisition.

The CEO’s role is the key role in a business. It’s where the buck stops and where culture and values are set and re-set. The CEO is the point where vision meets execution. At Frog, we have many years’ experience in the scale-up phase. Together, our team includes former CEOs, those who have worked for CEOs in C-suite roles and investors who have worked closely with leaders who have successfully made the transition.

This is why we call ourselves the CEO’s VC.

At Frog, we’re aware that there’s always an element of art in successful scaling of companies. But we aim to make it as much of a science as possible. We’ve created a unique methodology to support our CEOs through the challenges of the scale-up phase.

Why make mistakes others have already made? By working with Frog, you’re working with a scale-up specialist who has a clear model and the right attitude to help you succeed.