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TELL Series – Paul Kerley

e=”margin-bottom: 0cm;”>By Joe Krancki

Paul Kerley founded Norkom in 1998, an anti-crime software provider for the financial services industry. Sustaining the company through a failed IPO, near-liquidation, several pivots and innumerable macro shocks, Kerley led Norkom to a €217m exit to BAE Systems in 2011. Kerley is now Chairman and investor at Fenergo, a client lifecycle management software provider, as well as Non-Executive Director at MindConnex and Non-Executive Chairman at SmartBin.

“We start the entrepreneurial journey because we have an innovation, a spark and some drive”, Kerley said in his TELL address on 22 April. “But through this journey, you need to become a financier. You need to become an expert at building teams, at recognising failure, at pivoting, and at making your company shockproof. Know what strengths you have, then be determined to acquire the ones you don’t.”

We learnt how golf saved Norkom, what Kerley would do were he to start again tomorrow, and how Lehman Brothers taught him what they couldn’t learn themselves. 

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