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TELL Series – Nick Hynes of Somo

By Joe Krancki

“Everything will change in the connected world”, Nick Hynes, founder and CEO of Somo, a mobile marketing agency, told the TELL audience on 25 Feb. Explaining Somo’s mission to wake global enterprise up to mobile’s central role, Hynes said “the transformation from simple internet to the connected world is like going from steam to electric – but most businesses haven’t understood this yet”. The mobile revolution has been consumer-led, not company-led, and as a result enterprises are lagging in fundamental practices like tracking, understanding and engaging their consumers. Somo shows them how to keep ahead.

Hynes began his career at BA, launching the successful electronic consumer points scheme at Airmiles and disrupting the travel industry by selling airline seats online, direct to the consumer. In 1998, Hynes joined Overture, whose team invented paid search (“it was us, not Google”), and rolled out their European business. When Yahoo paid $1.6bn for Overture in 2003, Hynes started his own search marketing agency, Searchworks, which he sold in 2007 for over $112m. He launched Somo in 2009.

Hynes is also a Non-Executive Director at SwiftKey, Android’s most successful predictive keyboard product, and a British tech success story. “I’ve chosen to go with the flow of the future, rather than against it, and I think I’m happier as a result”, Hynes said. “Being at the front, I don’t have the luxury of following anyone. It can be wearing, challenging and not very efficient. But I get insight. Everything will change – that’s all I can tell you!”

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