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TELL Series – Ayman Asfari of Petrofac

By Joe Krancki

Ayman Asfari joined Petrofac in 1991 and has grown the oil and gas service company into a FTSE100 firm, with a turnover in excess of $6bn and 20,000 employees in 27 countries. Ayman is also founding Chairman of the Asfari Foundation, which supports education for young people in developing countries, and has been appointed one of 52 UK Trade & Investment Business Ambassadors promoting British business abroad (as have previous TELL speakers Dr Mike Lynch, Dr Hermann Hauser, Brent Hoberman and Alastair Lukies.) Ayman offered the TELL audience distinct advice – “go into the mainstream, take a job you enjoy and don’t rush” – and was refreshingly frank about his initial entrepreneurial drive. “It was money. I wanted a better life. Over time, you continue motivating yourself with different things. But initially, it was about living the life I want.” Coming after previous TELL speaker Emma Sinclair’s account of business mentorship in rural Zambia, where self-employment is the only means of survival, Ayman’s admission recalled the roots of entrepreneurship and the goal of effective leadership: improving the lot of ourselves and others. Read more


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