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TELL Series – Matthew Slotover of Frieze

By Joe Krancki

With no prior skills in art, publishing or business, Matthew Slotover started one of the most successful art publishing businesses, Frieze Magazine, as a 22-year-old graduate in 1991. Driven by London’s increasing presence in the international art market, Slotover launched Frieze Art Fair in 2003, the city’s first international contemporary art fair. Held annually in Regent’s Park, the fair now hosts 170 galleries and 60,000 visitors. In 2012, Frieze New York and Frieze Masters fairs were added to the annual roster. In late 2014, Slotover stepped down as Director of the Fairs to figure out where next to take Frieze, now one of the most highly-regarded global art brands. Slotover fell in love with contemporary art as a graduate at a loose end, and frustrated at the poor quality of magazines serving his new interest, decided to make his own. He shared with the TELL audience on 18 March why launching during a recession was a blessing, why art doesn’t really sell online, and how to run a leading organisation for 25 years without a mission statement. 


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