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Six Years of the TELL Series

By Joe Krancki

On June 24th, we celebrated another successful year of the TELL Series. Former speakers, including Stefan Glänzer, Angus Bankes, Dinesh Dhamija, Will King and David Soskin mixed with newcomers from London’s burgeoning entrepreneurial scene and from Frog’s portfolio, building valuable new connections. To mark the occasion, each guest also received a copy of An Entrepreneur’s Journey, a new TELL book capturing insights from the first five years of talks.

Tellseries More and more European success stories across a variety of sectors are helping TELL’s community grow faster than ever. This season, one of the most vibrant to date, featured 15 speakers including David Buttress (JustEat), Andy Phillipps (ActiveHotels), David Cleevely (Abcam) Jerry Kennelly (Stockbyte), Paul Kerley (Norkom) and Ray Nolan ( They join an elite roster of over 70 former TELL speakers including Sir Martin Sorrell, Mike Lynch, Luke Johnson and Ian Livingstone. “The day-to-day experience of being a founder can feel lonely, so there is a strong urge to seek out other founders and CEOs”, said Frog Partner Joe Krancki. “Giving back is part of the journey, and TELL is a fantastic platform for successful leaders to share lessons learned and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs.” Frog has supported TELL since its inception in 2009. Our desire to engage, support and connect talented entrepreneurs has long chimed with TELL’s mission to sustain a thriving ecosystem for European enterprise. TELL is proving to be a valuable resource in the classroom as well. London Business School courses are taking advantage of the unrivalled archive produced by the series. “I tell my students, if you have a problem, you’re probably best going to the TELL Series and listening to 70-odd entrepreneurs who have been through these challenges, have navigated these hardships, and can offer you very good insights to the questions you’re facing”, said Dr Gary Dushnitsky, LBS Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in a copy of An Entrepreneur’s Journey, please contact Frog.


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