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Scoota is a cross-media specialist, creating and delivering engaging cross-media entertainment formats that are supported by a unique marketing methodology and an innovative technology platform. Founded in 2008 by technology entrepreneur James Booth and TV executive Torie Chilcott, Scoota is one of a new breed of companies that understands the rapidly evolving media landscape, where online video is exploding and the boundaries between TV, online and mobile are becoming increasingly blurred.

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Their cloud-base technology suite includes intuitive, self-service tools for constructing, analysing, planning, distributing and tracking campaigns across a global network of premium publishers and ad exchanges. Through a unique combination of marketing methodology, proprietary technology, a growing online content-distribution platform and privileged access to talent, Scoota specialises in realising powerful content-related and social-media marketing opportunities for brands, advertisers and publishers. 

Learn more at www.scoota.com.

“At the very top of my desired list of investor partners was Frog. Frog feels like an extension of the business; not because they impose but because of the value the individuals bring and the friendly manner in which they deliver this. There’s a natural feel of creativity and entrepreneurship over there in Kings Cross: a bunch of highly capable, enthusiastic people who are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise often too formal and regimented sector.”

-James Booth, Founder & CEO, Scoota

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