Rated People

Rated People is the UK’s largest online marketplace to connect homeowners with quality, local tradesmen, whose quality and recommendations are based on reviews and ratings from other homeowners in the Rated People community. Rated News 1 Rated People is transforming the £39 billion home improvement industry, generating more than £1 million in home renovation and repair work every day for tradesmen using its service. For homeowners, Rated People is free to use and offers access to more than 30,000 quality, local tradesmen in the UK, representing 24 trades. For tradesmen, Rated People offers access to more than 250,000 home improvement and repair jobs a year, helping tradesmen get more jobs, earn more money and find work closer to home. It is now recognised that the market for directory services, dominated by Yellow Pages, is shifting to new, more efficient models. Innovative service providers like Rated People offer greater control, higher levels of trust and better value for money to both consumers and business looking to serve them.

Learn more at www.ratedpeople.com.

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