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TELL Series – Nancy Cruickshank

By Joe Krancki

Nancy Cruickshank’s packed career held the TELL audience rapt on 21 May. The founder of Smartmove (now Zoopla), (bought for £22m by Hearst Corporation) and numerous media platforms for Condé Nast, Sky and The Telegraph Media Group told the MBAs present to chase every opportunity they find. Following up an offer of introduction landed 23-year-old Nancy a role as Marketing Manager of Vogue in 1996, where she later launched the magazine’s debut online incarnation, and found she loved meeting digital consumers’ demands. Invited to run Sky’s first technology-focused station despite having no TV experience, Nancy showed how powerful a willingness to take on the challenge of the unknown can be; “don’t be afraid to fail. A bunch of things has not gone to plan. Nothing that bad has happened”. Comfort with creation from scratch is, for Nancy, the core of entrepreneurialism. The umbrella of a power brand, like Vogue or Sky, proves a great place to hone your skills at launching new products, she advised, but few entrepreneurs are effective long-term corporate citizens. MyShowcase, her current venture, is a direct beauty sales concept underpinned by powerful technology. Determined that MyShowcase can offer thousands of women a flexible and contemporary way to work, Nancy shared that being on a social mission, particularly when your investors believe in it too, is as good a driver as any to keep you going through the “bloody hard work” of the early years. Read more  

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