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LFW The Daily an EDITD Provide Readers Daily Live Trend Analysis LFW

EDITD, an established partner after a successful two-year relationship beginning in February 2012, will highlight new retail trends and shifts in consumer attitudes during the fashion weeks globally.

Each day of London Fashion Week, 14 – 18 February 2014, EDITD will analyse more than 17 million tweets*, 8 million product SKUs and thousands of runway images to bring to The Daily’s readers three halfpage overviews including:

  • real-time social media sentiment analysis, exposing the key trends consumers liked and pre-empting a trend’s popularity;
  • runway journey of product styles for buyers and merchandisers to understand how to capitalise on commerciality;
  • best selling garments in retail, and insight into what product trends are next.

Social media emphasis of London Fashion Week is unrivalled by other fashion capitals, and consumers are increasingly becoming a part of the event, and of interest to the fashion industry. Their reactions are closely watched and analysed by the retail giants, whose buying and merchandising teams gauge what customers will buy next

“We’re delighted to bring EDITD’s insights to LFW The Daily readers again this season. EDITD analyses live social sentiment, discovers top trends in retail and translates all of this to the industry influencers,” said Marion Jones, Co-editor at LFW The Daily. “We love how EDITD encapsulates the conversation out there, from the sublime to the plain ridiculous!”

Julia Fowler, founder at EDITD, continues, “Concrete information on what’s selling well, and what consumers like, is essential for brands and retailers to trade competitively and make product choices that are economically viable and right – and it’s a pleasure to share our industry data with a wider audience through our continued collaboration with LFW The Daily.”

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