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TELL Series – Eldar Tuvey

Eldar Tuvey, Co-founder and CEO of Wandera, the first mobile data gateway for enterprises, shared the story of his dotcom start-up Scansafe with the TELL audience. An internet software company launched in 1999 with his brother Roy, it surfed both the dizzy and dismal waves of the early dotcom days. Their adherence to cloud computing was valuable foresight, and a move into internet security software in 2004, strengthened by a powerful partnership with AT&T, made them a market leader. A pitch-perfect exit to Cisco followed in 2009 for $183m. Never, ever give up was Eldar’s message to the present MBAs. If you’ve got something and you know it, hang in there. Self-respect as an entrepreneur was a clear lesson from Eldar’s story; stand up to corporate might and treat finding an exit like finding love – be well-groomed (in all departments!), and get out and about with your name and number. Describing Scansafe’s $183m sale to Cisco, Eldar posed a novel situation to MBAs hungry for a future exit like his. What to do when you’re out of a business? Wandera, his second go at a technology start-up, taught him a lesson other TELL speakers have echoed: get your boat in the water first, then figure out how to sail it. Entrepreneurs thrive in the arena; land your dream exit, encouraged Eldar, but know you’ll be looking for an entry again before long. Find out more on the TELL website.

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