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TELL Series – David Rasche

Entrepreneurs don’t have to start businesses in their bedrooms or garages to be called so. Anyone who takes on significant financial risk with the belief they can grow a business is an entrepreneur, David Rasche told the TELL audience on 12 March. His buy-in buy-out of SSP, now the biggest insurance and financial services software vendor in the UK, is an illustrative tale of shrewd (and sometimes lucky) financing, and the imperative presence of a strong team. Setbacks abound in Rasche’s story of his business career, from board conflicts and failed financing to personal challenges. Resilience is the only answer, he believes, and a career in business is only as good as your ability to get back on the proverbial horse. His account of his first buy-in attempt to SSP failing because of venture capital incompetence, only for a better deal to present itself, which cut out private equity altogether and put Rasche in a more favourable position down the line, showed how initial disappointment can often bring a new and unexpected result. Currently Chairman of two firms, one Frog Capital ex-portfolio company GB Group, Rasche is a great advocate for mentoring and leadership training, which as a younger CEO he was fortunate to receive from talented Chairmen. Leadership to him means putting the business and its team before yourself. This, not simply charisma, will gain you followers. Given the stunning business growth Rasche has engineered throughout his career, it’s clear the bottom line flourishes under his style of entrepreneurial leadership. Find out more on the TELL website.

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