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TELL Series – David Cleevely

By Joe Krancki

David Cleevely’s TELL address on 28 May paid humble little attention to the billion-dollar company he co-founded, Abcam plc., or the consultancy he sold to Datatec for over $20m, or the numerous institutions he’s responsible for in Silicon Fen, like Cambridge Network, Cambridge Wireless, Cambridge Angels, and now The University of Cambridge’s Centre for Science and Policy. Instead, he told the TELL audience why understanding people is central to making the impossible happen. David introduced us to what it’s like living in an ever-expanding network, from starting a conversation with strangers on his train to TELL and finishing up with an investment opportunity, to keeping his door open to a young breast cancer researcher who walked in with the idea for Abcam plc. Chairman of Raspberry Pi, restaurant Bocca di Lupo and CRFS, and Director of Neul and CCSL, David showed that being resolutely open to others’ smart ideas is key to staying innovative. Read more

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