• AC Biogas
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    Resource Efficiency
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    UK, Germany, Austria
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  • www.agri-capital.de

AC Biogas

AC Biogas (formerly known as agri.capital) is the largest decentralised biogas company in Europe and a leader in renewable energy generation.  Founded in 2004, AC Biogas develops, owns and operates biogas-to-power and biomethane-to-pipeline plants in Germany and the EU. The company transforms various energy crops, animal waste, and food waste into a methane-rich biogas which is either fed into a gas turbine to create electricity or cleaned to biomethane and fed into the natural gas network. The fermentation residue is used as a high-quality fertiliser, returning nutrients to the soil. 

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Frog invested in AC Biogas in 2009 and exited to Alinda Capital Partners in 2011. 

Learn more at www.ac-biogas.de

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